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About Us

Sheats & Bailey, PLLC is a construction law firm dedicated to serving the construction industry.

As a firm that practices construction law and represents all parties to the commercial and industrial construction industries, we are experienced and knowledgeable in all of the fields and all of the perspectives within the industry.

Our firm becomes involved in construction law issues from the very beginning of a project and works with the contractor, subcontractor, supplier, owner, design team, or construction manager to avoid litigation, but at the same time protect the client’s rights. We assist in the evaluation of construction and design concepts, delivery systems, the negotiation and drafting of contracts as well as quotations, purchase orders and all of the various documentation necessary to manufacture, supply and install construction materials on projects throughout the United States.


During the course of your project, we may become involved in claims management and in dispute resolution.  Construction law claims are best when they can be avoided.  Avoiding claims requires a clear understanding of the contractual mechanisms for managing and presenting claims.  In this regard, our construction law analysis includes the in depth evaluation of contract documents, general conditions, “front end” conditions and the incorporation of those terms and conditions into your company’s management of a construction project.

Construction law does not just exist in the courts.  Construction law permeates every aspect of the project.  After a claim is presented, our construction law team works to assist in prompt and satisfactory claims resolution.


If a construction law claim cannot be resolved during the course of a project, then we assist in taking legal steps to preserve the claim and to present the claim for resolution.  Resolution may include mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals.  We have appeared in the courts of approximately 10 different states and have represented clients in many state and federal courts in the trial stage, arbitration stage and on appeal.

A claim will not be resolved in your favor unless it is protected in accordance with the contract, presented and preserved in accordance with governing law and litigated aggressively.


With offices in New York City and Upstate New York, Sheats & Bailey, PLLC. practices construction law for clients throughout the United States and Canada. Here is a map showing the locations of our various clients and locations of projects by State and Province. We have been involved in construction law in various phases in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Montana, Arizona, Virginia, Louisiana, Michigan, Idaho, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, California and Washington. We represent clients throughout Ontario, Quebec and even British Columbia.

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